MSc Project Ideas 2018

** IMPORTANT NOTICE ** Due to a sabbatical I am not able to supervise BSc final projects in the academic year 2018/19.

I am interested in supervising projects in applied cryptography, very specially on: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Electronic Voting and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies. Other topics in applied cryptography welcome if the student presents a good case for it.

These projects can involve more theory than programming, or more progamming than theory, most of them accept both approaches. A(n incomplete) list of topics: In general, these projects will suit students that are strong in at least one of two areas: maths and/or programming. If you think you are not particularly strong at any of these, then it is very likely that you will struggle and stress out with these projects, which is of no benefit to anyone. For a sample of previous projects I supersived look here.

Please DO NOT put my name down as a supervisor without talking to me first.