David Galindo

PhD supervision
  • Srinivas Vivek (main supervisor) Practical Provable Security against Side-Channel Attacks 2011-2015 download
  • Rujia Li (main supervisor) Design and Evaluation of Blockchain-based Security Protocols 2017-
  • Paola Yanez (second supervisor) Software Architecture for converging IOT and Blockchain 2017-
  • Osman Gucluturk (second supervisor) Blockchain and Financial Regulation 2018-

BSc/MSc supervision
  • 2018/19
    • Kieran Slater. Building a Blockchain-Based Private Data-Sharing System using Ocean Protocol Architecture.

  • 2017/18
    • Jurgis Peters. Shared Whispers
    • Matthew Dean. A Technical Framework for Supply Chain Transformation using Blockchain
    • Andrew Bryer. Analysis and Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptosystems download
    • Adam Jones. Homomorphic Encryption Within The NHS Using Paillier download
    • Shreya Garge. Neural Networks for Encrypted Data using Homomorphic Encryption download
    • Georges Schmoetten. On Building a Post-Quantum Secure Lattice-Based Key Encapsulation Tool download
    • Oliver Rock. Building An E-Voting System: An Implementation of Scytl's Individual Verifiability Protocol download
    • Sofie Christensen.A Comparative Study of Privacy-Preserving Cryptocurrencies: Monero and ZCash download
    • Shuang Wu.Evaluation and Improvement of Two Blockchain Based E-voting System: Agora and Proof of Vote download

  • 2016/17
    • Gurpreet Singh Mannan. Security of Blockchain: An investigation and analysis of mining attacks on Bitcoin download
    • Yifan Wu. BlockVotes: An E-voting System based on Blockchain and Ring Signature download github
    • Rujia Li. Better Security over Blockcerts download website

  • 2015/16
    • Bancha Upanan. Research on Cryptographic Backdoors download
    • Thomas Clarke. Implementation of the Belenios Receipt-Free+ Online Voting Protocol download
    • Muhammad Wangsatmadja. Commitment Scheme For Bitcoin download